For Schools

Here’s the education programme being developed by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Have a look at the Ning. The Breaking the Cycle ning  , or collaborative website, has been set up for teachers and their classes to enable participating schools to connect to others who are also involved in the project. Any teacher is welcome to join the Ning, although we encourage those that join to please be an active member of the project. You can view the Ning without joining. You can download some guidelines for the Ning at either the Wiki or Ning.                                     

The Ning is the hub of the education programme; the more you become involved, the more you will get out of the it.

The Wikispace site contains the units of work. It’s nearly complete, but for now you can access the “How am I connected to Africa” unit.


While the BTC programme is geared to middle school students within Australia, it can also be adapted to have global relevance. We encourage international participants to further strengthen and deepen learning and understanding for all involved.