Partner Organisations

UNESCO has decided to recognise Breaking the Cycle as an Official Activity of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014).
Plan International Australia is the lead partner for Breaking the Cycle. Plan is one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world, working to empower communities to overcome poverty. By actively involving children, and working at a grassroots level with no religious or political agenda, Plan unites and inspires people around the globe to transform the world for children.
Extreme Poverty Ends Here
Making t-shirts that support socioeconomic development in Africa. Garments are made from 'grower to sewer'.
Afar Pastoralists' Development Association
Providing access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.
The Taakulo Somaliland Community (TSC) is a non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2005. TSC is dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged people throughout Somaliland by carrying out relief and participatory development programs emphasizing human dignity and self-reliance.

500 Supporters’ Group

Working together to improve health and education within the poorest regions of Africa.

HUG is an Australian based not-for-profit organization that focuses on establishing sustainable partnerships between two different cultures. We'll be visiting their project in Suubi, Uganda.
FARM-Africa are working with a wide range of small scale farmers and herders in eastern Africa to make sure future generations don't depend on hand outs.

Gold Sponsors

Coca-Cola Amatil
Restons Solicitors
Ericsson are providing the communications for the expedition - communications are key for sustainable development.
Ausenco sets high global standards for leading edge engineering and project management services in the resources and energy sectors. We're inspired to make a genuine positive impact on the world around us and in the communities in which we operate.
Range Resources Ltd is an Australian exploration company, with its principal activity directed towards finding and delineating natural resources in the oil, gas and mineral sectors in Puntland, Somalia.

Silver Sponsors

Furnace Engineering provider of Advanced Heat Processing Solutions for Mining Industry
Nkwe’s strategy is to add substantial shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration, development and commercialisation of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) and associated base metal projects in the Bushveld Complex of South Africa.
Continental Coal Ltd is an emerging coal producer in South Africa
Providing nutritional products to help Kate and Daniel recover from long days in the saddle.
EMC2 are supplying the laptops and financial support for the expedition
Globe Metals and Mining are looking after the team in Malawi.
Bassari Resources will ensure the expedition gets off to a good start, providing support in Senegal.

Bronze Sponsors

Supplying tents and sleeping bags
Providing cycling and compression clothing for the expedition
Providing high quality bicycle components for the journey.
Davidson have created the Breaking the Cycle brand and provided follow up design support
Providing the team's vitamin supplements
Providing valuable support to set up the bikes and equipment.
DMC Mining will be helping the team when they reach the Republic of Congo
Gryphon Minerals have projects in Burkina Faso
Avonlea Minerals have projects in northern Namibia
Quality Australian-made active wear
Link Pumps
Mineral Deposits are helping the team with the start in Senegal
Providing the best tyres for the job: Marathon XR and Marathon Extreme
Contributing to the team's insurance needs
Supplying all our Ortleib panniers and Tubus racks
A specialist risk advisory company established to provide independent input and advice on strategy and execution to companies managing significant commodity and/or financial markets exposures.
Helping the team in Niger


Jeremy Howard, Lizzie Brown, Troy Dillon, Robert French, Anne and Peter Stanley, Arthur St Hill, Carla and Rowan Story, Charles Wright, Glenn Brockwell, Mark Sayer, Prue and Bob Atkins, Paul Schneider and Margarita Silva, Peter Au and Sandy Lai, Paul and Penny Montgomery, Andrew Lindsay, John and Anne Link, Kip Curren, Richard Allen, Don Hawkins, Mark Miller, Michael Petruccelli, Owen and Annabel Guest, Merrin Mackay, Ian and Elizabeth Ritchard, Geof Fethers, James Guest, Michael and Angela Rodd, Bryce Courtenay and Christine Gee, Greg and Leonie Moran, Mackinnon family (Andrew, Richard, Ken), Jonnie Bailey, Gavan Griffith, Margaret Cameron, Rob Teese, Jonathan and Judith Sear, Henry Turnbull, Philip Barker and Diane Rennard, Lorna and Ted Leeming, Chittimas Ketvoravit, Michael MacAleavey, Peter Harman, John Deniz, Roger Speers